Zone Diet Review – Pros & Cons

There are many people who have sung the praises of the Zone Diet for its detail to frequent smaller portions and smaller meals being the big payoff overall. If you follow the diet guidelines as they are stated in the Zone program you will find that you can lose weight very quickly. However, staying in the Zone with this diet long term can be difficult.

There are more people who have read the books and information on the Zone Diet than probably have stuck to it and stayed in the Zone. There are short term dieters who have followed faithfully the teachings of this program and committed them to memory.

Pros to the Zone Diet include portion control. With this diet portion control and learning how much you should really eat at each meal can lead to training your mind and body to eat less but more often.

Another pro to this diet is reducing sugars which is something we all should do. This can aid you overall in your lifestyle by limiting how much sugar you intake daily. You can end up craving less sweets and sugars after having been on the diet program.

A double pro could be truly monitoring how much you eat and intake at each meal, and the sheer variety you can get from the Zone Diet program. You can take items from each column and mix and match them to plan your meals, set up menus and really get variety in your diet.

Some drawbacks to this diet are the restrictions and very small portions that you get to eat.

Another con to this diet is that many loose a bunch of weight short term, and go off of the diet program. They do find that they can be more apt to fall back into old habits and ways of eating easily. Not many have stayed with the Zone Diet over extremely long periods of time due to food variety limits.

Another con that some have commented on is the need to advance plan your meals and stick to a strict structured diet meal plan. This can be hard if you might be invited out to eat. Dining out is hard if not impossible.

Experts have stated another real drawback to this diet is that you do not get very much vegetable variety, and this diet lacks key vitamins, nutrients, and minerals to keep one healthy.

Before beginning any diet program and this includes the Zone Diet you should consult your doctor. The program and techniques in this diet limit key vitamins and minerals that may or may not be okay for you to limit.

For the short term your doctor may recommend it but may want you monitored. If you are given the green light by your doctor to continue a diet like this, keep in mind that you will probably want a vitamin and mineral supplement.