You've Been Dumped for Another Guy! Ways to Steal Your Ex Girlfriend Back From Him

You were dumped for another guy. That is bound to bruise your ego. How is it that you can be so devoted to and so deeply in love with a woman who decides to one day get close to another man? Now you’re the one left nursing the broken heart and feeling like your life is incomplete. Meanwhile she’s off enjoying her time with her new guy. You know that relationship is bound for a break up but you want to speed up that process. You want her back with you and you can actually make that happen. There are very specific, subtle things you can do that will draw her back towards so that when they do decide to call it quits, you’ll be the guy she’ll come running to.

You have to let go of any lingering anger or resentment you feel if you’ve been dumped for another guy. It’s a blow to anyone to be dumped for another person. It makes you question your worth and it also makes you doubt your appeal. You have to see it for what it is. Your girlfriend made a choice and at that time it wasn’t you. Perhaps she was drawn to the new guy because it was a different and exciting experience. Maybe she felt that you weren’t giving her the love and attention she needed or deserved. Regardless, she’s now made a change and you have to accept it in order to overcome it. That means you can’t constantly tell her what a mistake she’s made and how she’ll come to regret it.

What you can do is ensure you’re still a part of her life. Most women yearn to stay in contact with their ex boyfriends. They see them as friends and they enjoy hearing about what’s going on in their lives and sharing their own adventures. You need to take up residence as your ex girlfriend’s new best friend. You have to show her that you’re mature enough to look past what has happened and see the value in having her as a part of your life.

Do your best to look beyond their relationship and instead focus on getting closer to your ex. Become her go to guy for problem solving and helpful advice. Make it clear to her that you’re there whenever she needs a good friend or someone to add their opinion if there’s something she’s struggling with. She’ll view you as a person she can depend on and she’ll start to notice that you have a lot of redeeming qualities that her new guy doesn’t. When she begins to compare the two of you and he starts making mistakes, you’ll look better than ever and by then she’ll be ready to end her relationship with him and fall back into your arms and your life as your girlfriend.