Your Unique Mug

In the office, people have their favorite beverage drinks which range from tea, coffee or water. All of them tend to have special mugs for whatever they take each day.

The habit of getting something from home to be used in the office is a good thing because it connects you to the warmth of home. For this reason, you would be rushing back home as soon as your duties are done in the office.

Then there are those who like to keep coffee or tea in such cups all the time in order to keep them alert and energized every time they are at work. That is why you need a very unique mug that will meet all your needs.

Mugs are becoming more and more personalized in these days of modern technology. You would see mugs that have jokes written all over them, even if some of these funny pieces are slightly over-board.

Some of the writings on such a mug seen in the office recently read, "This is my mood today," and it has a picture of a frowning, smiley, or a face laughing at others.

Then there was this one made in the shape of a water closet, or toilet. In the place of a curved handle, it is easy to hold your toilet mug where there is the curve that connects the toilet bowl and the drain. What a natural, although lousy joke, but it is all meant to get people to laugh.

The mug that is dark in color is best suited for coffee or even dark tea. Office mugs can take a more personalized form when you begin to use the ones with pictures or folded phrases and sayings.

Another method that some people use in relation to the issue of bringing personal mugs to the office is to rotate the different mugs each time to create a mood change, emotions, or feelings. It remains that whatever you use as a mug in the office, always remember to bring one that can be suitable for other visitors who might come.