Your Power To Choose

Your power to choose is an unalienable right that each and every person on earth is given at birth, and has the ability to exercise.

Every minute of every day the worlds population is presented with certain choices that must be made. These choices range from the most obvious, all the way to the extremely complex. In each of these choices being made, there is a specific exit created that is historically realized, which which extremely determines a specific event in any given situation.

These moment by moment choices that are made each day are taken for granted by many, and in many cases are not given much conscious thought as they are being made. These moment by moment choices are many times considered to have no impact on the results or opportunities that people experience, which are created based on those choices.

The most obvious choices made each day include things like what to wear, what we eat, where we work, when we go to bed, what time we wake up, who we associate with, etc. etc. In these examples the outcomes of those obvious choices are how we look, what kind of health we'll experience, how much money we make, how we'll feel the next morning, and who our friends become.

With each of these obvious choices made, we create a specific outcome based on those choices, and are personally responsible for the consequences.

What many do not realize is, just as they are responsible for the consequences of these obvious day to day choices made, each is equally responsible for the larger outcomes that happen in life, as a result of bigger more complex choices made. Put more simply, all results that occur in your life, occur, and are experienced as a direct result of the choices made.

Most are not even aware that many things that seem to just occur in life, do so not just by chance or fate, but actually happen because of previous choices that they have made. The masses believe that many opportunities experienced through life, due due to circumstances that are beyond their ability to control.

With the exception of death, there is absolutely nothing that happens in your day to day existence that does not happen based on a choice that was made. Even in the case of death, we are each given a choice as to how we choose to feel about it.

Sound ridiculous? It's true.

I have had many through the years dispute this concept. Many will say that they truly desire to create wealth, for example, but claim to be hopelessly stuck in an unfulfilling job that they dislike, because that is all their skill level will allow them to do. They choose to claim the role of victim of circumstance rather than accept the responsibility of their ability to choose to create a different circumstance.

Although the existing condition may be true in the present moment, it was created by choices made in the past, and they have the right and the power to choose to make different choices in the future which would create a different exit. Although the choices that could change their current situation are many, an obvious choice would be to enhance their level of skill through education, which would enable them to do something else. They also have the power to choose to establish new beliefs that would allow them to do whatever they desire, rather than feel stuck in an occupation that they do not want to do.

When presented with this idea, they're then saying something like, "I do not have the time to do that", which is also a choice.

Some will say that they have no control over the condition of their health, many times not realizing the resources available, or making the choice of not taking the time necessary to explore other possibilities which would allow them to develop the belief and awareness that the human body was created as a self healing mechanism, and that regardless of the situation, they do have the choice as well as the ability to correct even illness and disease.

"But the doctor said" … What the doctor said has absolutely nothing to do with the situation, only the choice to choose what beliefs are established, based on the information received. Many well intentioned doctors are the reason that so many spend years taking unnecessary and harmful pharmaceutical drugs and actually send many people to their graves based on their lack of awareness of the many other possibilities available. Even in this case the patient has the choice to accept or deny the news being shared as truth or not, as well as the power to choose to change the conditions.

It is not the responsibility of the doctor to determine if someone will live or not if he has in good faith done all that he has been trained to do.

There are thousands of thousands of documented cases where the conventional medical community has diagnosed a condition as terminal and without hope, only to find that the patient, by choosing to not accept the news as belief, lived many years beyond what they were told, and completely reversed the illness or disease diagnosed!

One such case is a man named Lester Levenson who was sent home from the hospital at age 42, with the news that there was nothing further that could be done for him, and was sent home to die. He was diagnosed as having severe depression, an enlarged liver, kidney stones, spleen trouble, hyperacidity, and ulcers that had perforated his stomach and formed lesions, as well as just having suffered his second coronary.

Mr. Levenson, could have made the choice to believe what he had been told. Instead he made a conscious choice to not accept the bleak diagnosis that he had received. Although he did go home, he refused to accept the information given by someone else, which would have established the belief that would have ended his life. He refused to accept this news as fact and went home, not to die, but made a choice to figure out how to live. Lester Levenson made a conscious choice to research and discover other information that was available, which was contrary to the medical team that was caring for him, and as a result, through natural means, restored his body to total health in only 3 months and lived to enjoy an additional 52 years!

Since that time, this discover has been shared with, and has assisted well over 100,000 people from all over the world to overcome many seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Each of us has been granted the power to choose. We each possess the power to choose what to believe or not to believe. We each have an unalienable right and undeniable ability to make the choices that determine our lives. If your current beliefs are not supporting the type of life that you choose to live, you have the ability to form new beliefs that will.

If you choose to believe that you have no control over the things that happen in your life from day to day, your outputs will continue to manifest exactly as they have based on that belief. If the beliefs that you have established are based on what someone else has taught you, you have the power to choose to find new information which allows you to decide for yourself if that information is correct.

If you are not living the kind of life that you were intended and created to live, and have the right to enjoy, it is within your power to choose to change it.

You have the free will to choose a life of Abundance and Happiness.

Your day to day choices determine your outcomes in life. Whether or not you choose to believe it is, your choice. Choose wisely.

© Chuck Danes. All rights reserved.