Your Body Adapts!

MMA fighters subject their bodies to repeated pounding by others. Overtime, their bodies become more conditioned to pain and damage, allowing the fighters to perform efficiently in their fights.

Professional athletes train at higher altitudes to increase their blood-oxygen capacity. The lack of oxygen at higher altitudes forces their body to adapt, producing more red blood cells with higher oxygen carrying capacity to cope with the environmental needs. When they return to normal altitudes, their sport performance is increased.

Marathoners and runners do long runs with minimal water and refueling intake in order to train themselves to last longer.

Soldiers undergo heat/cold acclimatization training, sleep and food deprivation so that their bodies adapt better in extreme temperatures and conditions.

When you exercise, you are subjecting your body to a myriad of stimulus that produces adaptation changes: hormonal, skeletal, metabolic, cardiovascular, respiratory. When you stop, you lose these adaptation and regress to normality.

For every action, there is a reaction.

So tell me, what role does slapping moisturizers on your damaged skin play? Is this a strengthening process or a weakening one?

MMA fighters don’t get stronger by wearing additional padding to protect themselves from hurt.

Professional athletes don’t do sports with additional oxygen tanks attached to them.

Runners don’t run with a constant supply of water or food made available to them at all times.

Soldiers don’t fight under umbrellas or in air-conditioned environments.

When you don’t exercise, your health will suck. Your skeletal muscles weaken due to the lack of stressors, your healthy hormones are not activated because they are not required. Your oxygen carrying capacity is not improved because your body doesn’t require any improvement.

And so, your skin don’t get stronger when you constantly apply moisturizers on them.

More than anything, you weaken your skin because you don’t allow them to adapt to the natural conditions.

It is naive to think that the usage of moisturizers will not have any iatrogenic effect on your skin. The only problem today is that we see very little information on the negative effects of moisturizers on our skin. There is so little research out there to show that this is the case. All we see are advertised “benefits” to the consumer, all done by the corporate industry in a bid to purchase their products. We need to be more savvy on how we use such products in our skin care regimen.

For every action, there is a reaction.