Your Ayurvedic Constitution – Are You Vata, Pitta Or Kapha?


In Ayurveda there are three different types of constitution or doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. The three doshas represent the combination of the five elements present in nature: air, space, earth, fire and water. These elements combine to create the three doshas. It is very important to know your dosha because it can help you understand what is good for your body and mind. When your health is in imbalance you should choose the right remedies accordingly to your constitution (or dosha).

It is quite rare that someoneodies the characteristics of only one dosha. Most people are the combination of two, even three doshas.

Here is a little test you can do to find out what dosha is predominant in your body. Select the statements that describe you the best.

Type A

o Small-boned, the built is thin, does not gain weight easily

o Joints and veins are prominent

o The skin is quite dry, cool and rough

o The hair is dry and rough

o Cracked nails

o Eyes are small and active

o Lips are dry, discolored and thin

o Has little strength and tires easily

o The appetite is variable, at times can get very hungry

o Very physically active

o Bowel movements are irregular, the stool is hard and dry

o The mind is very active and restless

o Has tendency to be fearful and anxious when under stress

o Recent memory is good but long-term memory is poor

o Has light sleep

o Tendency toward cold hands and feet, light perspiration

o Dreams are fearful and full of movement (falling and flying)

Type B

o Medium build

o Normal body weight, may be athletic and muscular

o The skin is oily, reddish and sensitive, warm

o Hair is fine and oily, tendency to balding or premature graying

o Medium and penetrating eyes that are light sensitive

o Lips are medium-sized and soft

o Nails are soft and flexible

o Medium strength

o The appetite is quite strong, tends to be irritable if misses a meal or can not eat when hungry

o Enjoys physical activity, especially if competitive

o Bowel movements are regular, oily, soft and loose

o The mind is sharp and focused

o Tendency toward irritability, anger and frustration when in stress situations

o Has excellent memory

o Usually sleeps well

o Has good circulation and perspires frequently

o Dreams are passionate, sometimes fulfilled with anger and violence

o Tendency towards aggression, high blood pressure, inflammatory processes

Type C

o The build is thick and stocky build, larger bone-structure

o Often overweight

o The skin is thick skin and cool, prone to acne

o The hair is strong, thick, oily, shiny

o Eyes are round, big and prominent

o Lips are full, large and smooth

o The nails are strong and thick

o Strong with good endurance

o Not very active, sometimes lazy even lethargic

o Bowel movements are slow, with thick, heavy and oily stools

o The mind is slow and calm

o Tends to avoid situations that are difficult

o Has slowed but sustaining memory

o Has sound and heavy sleep

o Perspiration is moderate

o Dreams are peaceful, calm, filled with water

o Has tendency towards respiratory and lymph congestion, water retention, acne

If you selected mostly A, you are Vata. Vatas are creative and fast thinking types, the artistic types. They are dominated by air so they need routine in their life in order to control their energy. They should avoid cold, dried, raw or frozen food and in order to achieve balance they need to eat warm foods (to help their digestion). They should avoid cold weather as well. When they are in imbalance, emotionally they tend to be fearful, insecure, anxious (even suffering from mental problems) while physically they may suffer from digestive problems, constipation and excess gases. Their main organ is the colon.

If you selected mostly B, you are Pitta. Pittas have strong will and determination. Their dominant element is fire so they have the tendency to be hot and fiery. When in imbalance the may have inflammations (the -itis alterations like gastritis, otitis, laryngitis, etc.), skin rashes, fever and ulcers, and a certain tendency to aggressive outbursts. Their main organs are the small intestine and stomach. They should avoid excessive heat and steam in order to cool down. They should avoid as well all the foods that are oily or foods that may cause irritation of some kind (like caffeine, hot spices, salt). Expressing emotions should be very important for Pittas.

If you selected mostly C, you are Kapha. Kaphas have good strength and stamina. They are dominated by earth. They have a certain tendency towards routine so they should try to periodically break it. They tend to get attached to things and people. Financial and emotional security is very important to Kaphas (quite materialistic types). Production of mucus is quite typical for Kaphas so they have a tendency towards congestion, sinusitis and sluggishness. Their main body part is the chest. When in imbalance they suffer from obesity, diabetes and water retention. In order to be in balance Kaphas should try to be more physically active, avoid heavy and fatty foods, large amounts of sugar and bread. They should engage in more exciting and challenging activities in order to avoid their indelence.