Your Anxiety Attack Symptoms Could Last For Several Weeks

There are many different therapies out there, which you can use in order to control your symptoms of anxiety attacks; This is because many people tend to suffer from stress in addition to anxiety to some extent, which in essence is simply a natural defense mechanism of the body, which sometimes can become a little too intense. There are times when the symptoms can be just a little too much; when it gets to this point it's typically known as generalized anxiety disorder. GAD can be characterized as a chronic condition, as you'll feel intensely worried all through the day, despite there being very little around to provoke such feelings in you.

The symptoms of anxiety attacks are fairly common, as they have affected in excess of 20 million people in America alone, which is roughly 1 person out of 14. The symptoms of this condition may include hypertension, phobias, obsessive compulsive disorders and traumatic stress syndrome .

Treat it either with therapy or medication

One method that you can use to halt your symptoms would be to administrator medication, as this has the potential to break the cycle. There are many different medications out there. The other option that you have is therapy, this method is fairly cheap, and there's that added bonus of being reimbursed depending on where you receive your consultation. There are those that may favor breathing techniques, which are capable of alleviating ones feelings of dread in addition to halting the symptoms of anxiety attacks. For more information on the symptoms of anxiety attacks you could read certain books on the topic or simply conduct an online search.

If a person was to feel intensely fearful, then we could safely assume that, that individual was suffering from a symptom of anxiety. However, the signs and symptoms of the anxiety attack may vary depending on the individual, with the vast majority of the symptoms not much much more than 30 minutes.

In addition to feelings of fear, there are also a number of other symptoms such as dizziness, chest pains, fear of embarrassment and light headedness. For the sufferer, he or she may fear feeling a little out of sync with reality and those around them, in addition to sweating and trembling, palpitations of the heart, hands or feet numbness, stomach disorders, loss of breath and so on.

In cases where an individual may suffer from anxiety and panic disorders they may frequently have anxiety attacks without any real explanation for why they are occurring.