You Should Take These Vitamins For Acne Daily

If you want your body to heal acne quickly as well as minimizing breakouts then you absolutely must take these vitamins for acne …

Here's why:

Vitamin A – helps aid in the prevention of acne by flushing out free radicals and acne causing toxins from your body as well as strengthening the protective tissues of your skin and reducing sebum production.

Recommended daily intake is 5000IU.

Vitamin B5 – Prevents acne by preventing your body from sending fats and toxins through your sebaceous. It also helps your body absorb other nutrients more effectively.

Recommended doses for acne is a minimum of five grams.

Vitamin B6 – helps prevent acne by balancing hormonal imbalance within your body and controls excess oil production on your skin. Recommended daily intake is 2mg.

Vitamin C – Also helps cleanse and flush out acne causing toxins from your body. Daily intake should be about 90mg.

Zinc – Fights acne bacteria like antibiotics as well as regulating insulin, growth hormones and also speeds up the healing process of acne.

Although zinc does a pretty good job at treating acne, it can also cause more acne if you take too much because excess amount of zinc can be toxic to your body.

But just do not take more than 100mg a day and it can work wonders in treating acne.

Selenium – helps prevent acne by controlling inflammation and aids in the healing of acne so you can see clearer skin faster. Recommended intake of selenium is 55 gg a day for adults.

Chromium – helps prevent acne by regulating sugar levels in your body. High sugar levels can cause sebaceous glands to produce excess sebum which can cause more acne. To fight acne effectively, the daily intake is 150 mcg daily.

Essential fatty acids – prevails inflammations, speed up healing of acne, reduces sebum production and the size of sebaceous glands as well as improving overall skin health. Daily recommended take is 200mg.