You Got a Job Interview, How Do You Nail It?

It is lucky enough for someone to get a job interview these days in the back of rapidly squeezing job market. Every reasonable effort should be made to succeed job interview.

There are steps that are taken before the meeting to succeed to interview such as researching and preparing and dressing up well. However this is not all and one needs to keep in mind certain other factors while in a job interview.

Beginning of the Interview:

o Make sure to go to the interview alone. It will firstly appear immature and less professional and secondly the other person may get a job if he or she applies for it and you would be losing.
o Always come on time. This will give an opportunity to relax a little, to observe the company and its employees and it will give time to complete any forms if necessary.
o Also, be courteous to the receptionist and any other employees that one has to interact with during their visit. These individuals can transmit both positive and negative information about the candidate to the interviewer.
o Always greet the interviewer with a firm handshake and take the chair that he or she points out for, in his office.

During the Interview:

o Listen carefully to what the interviewer requests. Ask for a repetition if not clear about a question.
o Before answering, take a moment to think the question over and when ready, respond in a clear, deliberate voice. Make sure to provide just the information requested.
o Do not talk excessively or ramble.
o Speak with passion and enthusiasm when describing the reason to work in the company.
o If the candidate has worked in the past, inform the interviewer about experiences and how these experiences can benefit the company.
o Do not discuss salary during the interview without interviewer brings up the subject.
o Do not speak ill of previous employers or for that matter any other reason.
o When asked about former job responsibilities, try to respond in a positive manner.

End of Interview

o The end of the meeting is always a good time to ask questions. Do not ask questions relating salary.
o At the end of the meeting, thank the interviewer for his time and emphasize your gratitude.
o At the end of the interview, make sure to ask the interviewer for his business card.
o Send a thank you card to the person that arranged the interview and also to the interviewer.