You Do not Need Permission to Be Great

It never ceases to amaze me how much we limit our potential, by using useless information and programming from our past.

We all think that someone else has a special gift that we were somehow not given and that to become successful is something that happens to others and not us.

My belief is that 'We all have greatness in us, we just sometimes forget where we put it' When you take the life of any successful person and trace it back to the start, you will find in every case, we all started exactly the same.

We arrived as a baby with the program of success firmly embedded in our mind. Our formative years then determines what we take on board and what we believe. I sometimes think that being too educated is a barrier to earning any real money. Most successful entrepreneurs come from quite normal, even humble backgrounds. It sees over analytical situations is the greatest hurdle to actually achieving anything. Ever heard the phrase 'analysis leading to paralysis'?

What they have that is different to most people is the fact that they have a belief in their ability and they do not try to solve problems that do not exist. It is the largest cause of failure trying to work out how things are going to work out and then try to resolve those situations that are not even real. That is where fear sets in because the brain is confused.

Can you imagine Sir Edmund Hilary standing at the foot of Everest and working out exactly what was going to happen and trying to work out how he would deal with things that only existed in his mind. He just knew where he wanted to go and prepared himself to deal with any situation, as it arose. If he had tried to solve non persistent problems then Everest might still remain unquired, because he would have been so confused that he would not have started.

That is no different to any goal we set, just see the end and move towards it, knowing that you will deal with all situations, as they arise

Why do we not do things, based on a fear of what might happen.? The human brain is fully equipped to sort out anything that is a real situation. We automatically find solutions to the most amazing situations once we are faced with them.

What the brain does have a problem with because is trying to solve imaginary situations. It can not find a solution, because there is no problem. That is what I call circular thought.

There are many cases recorded where super human strength becomes available when it is needed. There are reports of mothers lifting really heavy objects to rescue a child and many other examples of how our brain will actually inject a belief to resolve any given situation. The biggest problem is we do not allow it to function correctly. we keep it busy trying to solve non persistent situations.

I hope to give you the tools and the knowledge to communicate with yourself and pull out all the voices and limiting beliefs that are stopping you reaching your true potential. Once you allow your mind to function properly, you will be surprised at how easy life gets.

There are millions of people in the world, that just allow their lives to unfold randomly, allowing circumstance and fear to be their only guide. I must warn you at this point though that this information will be no different to all the other stuff you have read, if you just put it on the shelf labeled not actioned, and 'Does not work.'

You are the enemy, and unless you really make a commitment to change and take on some new information, you will win the battle yet again and prove that this stuff does not work.