Yorkshire Terriers – What To Do When Your Yorkie Gets Sick

When your Yorkshire terrier becomes ill, you will want to know what to do immediately. Because Yorkies are so tiny, they can go downhill fast when they are sick. It is a good idea to be ready in case of an emergency. Here are some things you need to know about caring for your Yorkie when she gets sick.

  • Dogs do not become ill easily. When they are sick it is usually because of something they have eaten. Make sure to supervise any food that is fed to your Yorkshire terrier. If you are going to be away from home leave clear instructions on what kind of food is to be given to your dog and at what times you want her fed.
  • Food from the table will often make a small dog like a Yorkie quite ill. This food is too rich and has most likely been prepared with salt and other spices. Your dog could end up very ill after eating even a small amount of table food.
  • All dogs, even Yorkshire terriers, will overeat if given the chance. You may think it is cute to see your dog eat so much at one time, but there is nothing funny about a sick dog.

If your Yorkie vomits more than once during a 24 hour period or has a bout of diarrhea, take her to your veterinarian. Excessive vomiting can cause dehydration and small dogs are more fragile in this case. Ask your veterinarian to recommend a dog food that will help with a sensitive stomach. Sometimes they may even suggest feeding baby food for the next day or two after being sick.