Yeast Remedy – Facts of a Yeast Infection

So have you ever had a yeast infection that was so bad that you felt like calling in sick for work or cancelling plans with friends because you couldn’t bear the thought of pretending everything was ok?? The extreme burning and itching makes me quite hard to go on with your day without screaming or crying.

Last summer, this was me….. I was working out a lot (about 2 times a day) and I guess I must have been sweating a lot too. I woke up in the middle of the night with a little itch on my vagina but didn’t think anything of it. About two hours later I woke up with tremendous itching and burning that was almost unbearable. I drove to the pharmacy and grabbed some Vagisil. I went home and took a shower and washed myself with Vagisil but it DID NOT WORK. The pain was becoming even more unbearable. I had to go to work in a couple of hours and I was seriously contemplating calling in sick. The vaginal burning, redness and pain was ACTUALLY making me sick.

I managed to go to work that morning in extreme pain. On my lunch hour I went to a walk-in clinic to get checked out. I was honestly thinking I had an STI such as chlamydia or gonorrhea because I had no idea was would cause such pain. After getting an uncomfortable pap from the doctor he told me I had a yeast infection. WHAT?? A yeast infection?? I didn’t know they could be so painful!!! He said that since I was working out a lot while wearing tight clothes and sweating that it was a breading ground for yeast. I had to make sure to take a shower after every time I worked out (not always possible) and make sure to change my underwear often. Ok….so this information sounded reasonable however, I kept thinking to myself….is there anything that I could possibly do to prevent yeast infections while still being able to work out as much as I did???

I really didn’t want to have to keep going back to the doctors and him prescribing 30 dollar medication that was taken only once. Sure it worked but how safe can it be??? And talk about expensive when you don’t have medical insurance….

So I began to search the internet for some remedies and tips on safe, inexpensive and easy ways to prevent and cure my yeast infections for good. And alas I found it!!!!! It was a book sent to me from up above!!! haha…ok to be real it was an e-book that I purchased online that had all the secrets I was looking for!! Not only does it provide you with natural remedies on how to treat your yeast infection when you have one (cause we all know we will get them at one time or another) but it also gives you all the secrets on how to prevent yeast infections! What could be greater???

I am not much of a book reader to be quite honest unless it has some information in it that I can relate to and apply to my every day. Well this book was the perfect!!! The wealth of information on treatment, care and prevention was incredible…..and the best part is that all the tips are NATURAL and CHEAP. You don’t need to go out and spend all this money on your yeast infection every month and intoxicate your body with chemicals. YEAST INFECTIONS are a thing of MY past.

To be honest every woman and even men should read this book. It will honestly change your life- it did mine and I have zero regrets!!! It’s been 6 months since my purchase of the book and guess what?? I haven’t had one yeast infection! Not even a little itch or redness–NOTHING!!

So I thought I would post the book here if you want to have a look at it. I thought that since I had the gracious opportunity of curing my yeast infections once and for all I thought that it is unfair to let countless men and women go on suffering when I found the secret!! This is it –> Click Here to change your life!! All the bes t:)