Yeast Infection Or Candida (Candidiasis) – What Causes It?

One is taking antibiotics. While antibiotics are intended to reduce certain populations of bacteria (the ‘bad guys’), those antibiotics will often have unintended consequences – they kill off large numbers of healthy flora (the ‘good guys’) as well. Once the imbalance is established, it is a challenge for the body to reestablish a healthy bowel flora balance.

There is also a connection to acidity, the acid-alkaline (or pH) balance of your blood. What you eat and drink greatly affects your pH balance. Most all fresh vegetables and fruits are alkaline. Most everything else is acidic – all meats, fats and most grains, and most cooked fruits, vegetables and grains. So, try to eat more raw and fresh food.

And drink plenty of water. It’s great for reducing acidity. A little-known secret: alkaline ionized water is one of the best ways to alkalize your body! It’s simple, fast, and cheap! So consider investing in a water ionizer.

Eat less sugar. It is extremely acidifying to your body, and making your body acidic allows candida and the other ‘bad guys’ to thrive! Plus, you need to do everything in your power to reduce acidity because, ironically, the very toxins that the ‘bad guys’ produce also acidify your body you get them under control. So not only is less sugar good for you in so many ways you are already aware of, one more reason is to actually make your body a less inviting place for candida to live. Think of it as cleaning up the neighborhood so the riff-raff moves out.

Alcohol is a highly refined form of sugar. Also, highly refined food like white bread, white rice, pasta and any kind of noodles, and tortillas, and any kind of junk food can be added to the list of things that cause acidity and encourage bowel dysbiosis. And dairy products are highly acidic.

Bad News, Good News

When you have higher levels of the ‘bad guys’, your hormones become imbalanced which has been found to cause cravings. The ‘bad guys’ are literally running your life! They thrive on sugar, so they send your body chemical signals to ‘bring us sugar!’ You think you’re in control? Think again.

But as your body starts to respond to the positive changes you’re making, your cravings will diminish and may even disappear altogether! How sweet is that?

Even more good news: When you correct candida issues, you’re correcting the other flora imbalances as well. You’re establishing healthy populations of the good flora that will keep the bad flora in check. And what you’re doing to reduce candida can’t help but greatly reduce the populations of many other of the ‘bad guys’ at the same time.

And some of the best news – weight loss gets easier! As you reduce acidity, your cells tend to let go of fat a lot easier! (They were using it like a defense against the body’s toxins. Remove the toxins, they lower their defenses.)