Yeast Infection Mouth Treatment – Finding an Effective Cure

Getting a yeast infection in your mouth is commonly referred to as thrush, which is a very painful infection to endure. Thrush is more commonly related to babies, but adults can also get a yeast infection in their mouth as a result of antibiotics, an excess of sugar in the mouth, which can be caused by diabetes, or a weakened immune system due to illness, chemotherapy, or AIDS.

The obvious symptoms of thrush make it easy to recognize, but it does signify that something in your body is out of order, and you should consult a doctor about it.

– Thrush has several symptoms that you should be aware of.

– One symptom is a painful mouth, incuding the tongue, roof of the mouth, and the sides.

– You may experience a sore throat.

– It is also common to see white patches inside your lips and mouth.

– A yeast infection mouth treatment is easy to come by and you can usually find what you need in your kitchen.

Yogurt is a very effective way for an adult to fight a yeast infection, but be sure to buy yogurt that contains live cultures or bacterias. Put a table spoon of yogurt in your mouth and hold it there for at least five minutes to allow the good bacteria found in the yogurt to fight the yeast. This should be done four times each day. Not only will the cool yogurt soothe the painful thrush, but it will also help in the healing process.

You can also use garlic as an effective yeast infection mouth treatment. All you need to do is crush and swallow a clove of garlic. This should be done three to four times each day. If your nursing baby has thrush, as a mother, when you eat the crushed garlic, it will be present in your breast milk, and your baby can benefit from it.

For mouth yeast infections, there are very few things that can prevent them from occurring. If you maintain a healthy body, you will be able to fight an oral yeast infection easier and the severity of the infection may be decreased. Make sure that your diet is high in vitamin C and essential nutrients to give you strength, and limit your intake of yeast. Living an active lifestyle will help you maintain your health and decrease stress levels which may also cause infections. Try to add yogurt with live cultures and acidophilus supplements to your daily routine to help fight against yeast infections and remember that you can always find a yeast infection mouth treatment in your kitchen.

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