Yeast Infection Mouth Symptoms, Causes, Treatments and Cure

Yeast infection mouth symptoms can be hugely embarrassing in social company, as well as being very discomforting. 'Thrush' as ​​it is also called is fairly common, particularly among users of inhalers, denture wearers, babies, diabetes sufferers, folks on antibiotics, smokers, and people with certain serious medical conditions. Here, as well as yeast infection mouth symptoms, you'll learn what the causes are and a completely natural cure.

Typical yeast infection mouth symptoms are; white / yellowish raised spots on the tongue and mucus membranes, thick white coating over tongue, cracks in tongue under coating, burning / discomfort, difficulty swallowing, reddish / pink spots on lips (common with inhalers).

The cause of yeast infection mouth symptoms is the natural fungus 'Candida Albicans'. This fungus resides without any problems in most of us, being held in check by our bodies' beneficial bacteria. It specifically enjoys the warm, dark, moist areas such as the mouth. Sometimes, for various reasons, the good bacteria can not prevent the fungus from overgrowing, causing the symptoms of yeast infections.

The reasons why this happens are under conditions such such as; the presence of diabetes, lowed immune system, low pH, steroids and antibiotic overuse, bad diet, high sugar diet, some medical conditions (eg HIV / AIDS, cancer), etc. Of course, there are obvious things like badly fitted dentures that damage the mucus membranes allowing the fungus to take hold and grow.

Normal drug-based oral treatment is through 'swish and swallow' anti-fungal liquids and / or pastilles. These treat the local symptoms in the mouth. What they do not do is treat the underlying conditions that encourage the Candida albicans to overgrow into a full-blown infection of the mouth. And, over time, the Candida albicans can become resistant to the drugs. The result for many sufferers is recording yeast infection mouth symptoms.

The other treatment option for yeast infection mouth symptoms is through completely natural remedies such as; the use of plain yogurt, black walnut, propolis (bee glue) and garlic etc. Once again, most of these can be effective in relieving the symptoms, but they do not need the address under underlying conditions.

That's why thousands of men and women worldwide are successfully turning to a completely natural, fast, permanent cure for yeast infection mouth symptoms, that looks at the whole picture, not just the symptoms.