Yeast Infection in Men – Oral Thrush

Oral Thrush

A common form of the yeast infection candida albicans is an oral infection called thrush. This is the most prevalent form of yeast infection in men, although it is not a genital problem.

Oral Thrush is not sexually transmitted, although it has been known to appear after sex. Usually this type of infection stems from other health or hygiene issues. The use of certain medications or steroids, immune disorders like HIV, and Diabetes all make men more susceptible to this aggravating condition.

Technically, thrush is a general term used to describe a yeast type infection, that most commonly refers to the oral variety. Because of its location in the mouth, oral thrust can be troubling for men with dental problems.

This form candida infection is thus particularly common in the elderly who use dentures and even in some men and teenagers with braces. This is due to the susceptibility of damaged mucous membranes.

Male oral thrush is said to be painful, uncomfortable, and gross. It will make men self-conscious when they smile and talk and can contribute to anxiety about visiting public places. When the infection develops, white and yellow spots begin to form in mouth along the mucous membranes. They are said to look thick and like curds. Some compare them to cottage cheese.

If you aren’t grossed out already, know that these lesions can spread throughout the mouth. They can show up on the tongue and gums, making eating almost unbearable. From there, they can reach the roof of your mouth and the tonsils area, creating discomfort when eating and drinking. Even without food, swallowing can become very painful.

A thrush infection in men, particularly the oral variety, can stand in the way of your daily routine and needs to be treated immediately.

The signs of an oral yeast infection in men are pretty obvious. But to be sure you do not confuse these with some other oral condition, like ulcers, consult a doctor immediately. The doctor can take cultures of the lesions and confirm you are suffering from thrush.

To cure oral thrush, doctors will sometimes recommend a wide variety of treatments, depending on severity.

Antibiotics will sometimes cause an oral yeast infection in men, but once you get off the antibiotic regimen, yogurt can help to cure your lesions. Other sufferers will not have such an easy treatment regimen. Either way, a yeast infection in men can be cured with some patience.