Yeast Infection From Inhalers and How to Cure it Fast


Can you get a yeast infection from inhalers? Yes! In fact if you use an inhaler you are more likely to get an oral yeast infection than the average person. Learn why, and of a natural cure that can get rid of your yeast infection in as little as 12 hours.

A yeast infection may occur in any part of the body including the skin. However, the most common areas are the sexual genitalia and the mouth. This article looks solely at the mouth; an oral yeast infection — sometimes called “thrush” — and, in particular, the problem of yeast infection from inhalers.

First, just what is a yeast infection? Well, it is caused by a natural fungus called Candida albicans which is present in most of us. Candida just loves warm, moist areas such as the vagina, penile areas, the mouth, gums, throat and even the lungs. In a healthy body, we suffer no ill effects, because there is sufficient good bacteria to keep the fungus in check; that is the body is in a “balanced” state.

However, when there is insufficient good bacteria the Candida “overgrows” which leads to the yeast infection.

Some of the things that can trigger and exacerbate an overgrow are; the prolonged use of antibiotics and / or steroids, a weakened immune system, stress, diabetes, the wearing of non-breathable tight underwear, unprotected sex, and more.

So to the mouth and yeast infection from inhalers. The mouth is a great place for the Candida to reside; it’s warm, moist, and there are many nooks and crannies for it to take hold.

Now inhalers for asthma, for example, contain steroids and people who have to use these continually are at a high risk of an oral yeast infection, since the steroids can reduce the levels of good bacteria in the mouth and lungs, and can thus allow the Candida to overgrow into a full-blown infection.

Some symptoms of oral yeast infection or thrush are; redness and cream / yellow colored raised spots on the tongue and mucous membranes.

What can you do to help prevent yeast infection from inhalers? After each use you MUST ALWAYS rinse your mouth out — as you normally do after brushing your teeth — with fresh water to ensure that you remove all traces of steroids from your mouth, gums, and cavities.

You need to do this to ensure that Candida / good bacteria in the mouth remains “in balance”. Even if you already have an infection then do this to help keep it under control.