Yeast Infection and Skin Rash

You may have a yeast infection, if you have a rash that is on your skin, usually around the genitals, under folds of skin, or in the mouth. They can be in other areas of the body as well. There are also several other medical conditions this could be, so this is not always indicative of a yeast infection, so to be positive, a trip to the doctor may be necessary to rule out any other medical conditions. When ph levels in the vagina are not as they should be, this cause an overgrowth of yeast that already grows in the body naturally, which in turn causes a yeast infection, along with the itching and irritation that goes with it. A vaginal yeast infection is the second most common reason for these symptoms.

The use of dentures can cause older people to develop an oral yeast infection, and babies can get a yeast infection in their mouths as well as on their bottoms due to diaper rash. There are medications that are made specifically to combat yeast infections on the skin, as well as other parts of the body. A yeast infection can affect anyone at any age, however. They can be under the breasts, the skin folds, under the nail bed, and also on the lower abdomen, as well.

When you have the proper anti fungal treatment, the rash will usually go away pretty quickly. These can be obtained over the counter at a pharmacy, or from a doctor, and usually the problem goes away. Some people have yeast infections that continue to come back, and if this happens, then a doctor should be consulted to make certain that there is no other reason for this to be occurring.

Women can have many reasons for getting a yeast infection: taking an oral contraceptive pill regularly, pregnancy, and menstruation, as well as other reasons. For both women and men alike, they can get yeast infections because of improper hygiene, eating too much bread and sugar, wearing clothing that is too tight, washing the genital area too much, or with products that have irritants like perfumes in them, and also having sex with someone that already has a yeast infection.

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