Yeast Infection and Skin Rash – Its Many Forms

If you have noticed that you have a rash on your skin, especially around the genitals, mouth or under folds of skin then you could be suffering from a yeast infection rash. This is not of course a diagnosis and it could also be the symptoms of many other conditions and the only way in which you can be sure what it is, is to visit your local doctor. It has been noted that a vaginal yeast infection skin rash is the second most common cause of vaginal itching and irritation and this is due to the yeast that is naturally present overgrowing due to changes in the pH levels of the area.

A lot of babies get a yeast infection skin rash from diapers on the bottom area and also in the mouth and the latter is also the case for older adults that may find that they get the yeast infection in their mouth due to dentures. However the yeast infection can generally affect any person, of any age and in other areas such as the nail bed, under the breasts, in folds of skin and also around the lower abdomen.

As a general rule a yeast infection skin rash will clear up rather quickly with the right antifungal treatment that you can get from a doctor or over the counter at a pharmacy and there will be no more problems with it but in some cases they can be recurrent and if this is the case then monitoring from a doctor may be needed as there can be an undercoming cause.

There are a number of reasons as to why a yeast infection skin rash will occur and for women it can be such such as taking the oral contraceptive pill, pregnancy and also menstruation. For men and women alike it could be due to poor levels of personal hygiene, a poor diet that is too high in sugars and yeast products and also wearing tight clothes, washing the genital area too much or with perfumed products and also coming into contact with an already infected person.