Writing and Speaking – Strategic Use of Speech Recognition Software to Improve Both


If you are both a writer and a public speaker then I have some tips for you which I have learned to help increase my productivity. There are now devices which work with speech recognition software which are digital recorders. In other words, you talk into the digital recorder and it has a USB cable, and you can stick it into the side of your computer and it will download everything that you said. It will convert all of your words into ones and zeros, and you can transfer it all directly into your Microsoft programs.

Now then, this article was written by speech recognition software while I am on my walk this afternoon. In other words while I am walking and getting my exercise I am also talking and explaining the incredible benefits of speech recognition software to improve both your writing and speaking. A couple of months ago I was giving a talk to a local group here in my city, and I sat the digital recorder on the podium in front of me. After I was done with my talk, I brought the digital recorder home and plugged it into my computer, I turned it on to see how well it worked.

Although it wasn’t perfect because I didn’t have a close to my mouth, it did record most everything that I spoke about fairly accurately and clearly. I then took that information and put it into online articles. Okay so, what I’m recommending is that you go ahead and find one of these digital recorders which works with a specific speech recognition software program, and there are a number of manufacturers that offer these systems, and then use this technique to increase the number of articles that you write online, or perhaps write that novel you’ve always wanted to do.

In the future, and I haven’t done this yet, but I plan on taking a large rubber band and strapping it to the digital recorder and then to the microphone at the podium from where I am speaking. And then when I am done, I will simply unhook the tape recorder, and save all of that information to download later into a word processing program like Microsoft Word.

Why shouldn’t you harness all the technological advances of the digital age to help improve your productivity? Indeed, I hope you will please consider all this and think on it. If you have any comments, questions, or case studies, or perhaps anything that you’ve tried along these lines which has worked for you, then let’s compare notes.