Writing an Inspirational Father of the Bride Speech


Coming up with the right words to say on your daughter's wedding day can be difficult. You want your speech to be moving, entertaining and amusing, but most importantly you want to make your daughter happy and let her know how proud you are.

Here are some tips for writing an inspirational Father of the Bride speech that not only will sound great and keep people entertained, but that will create another beautiful wedding day memory for your daughter and new son-in-law.

Say what's in your heart. A lot of times it is easy to get cached up in saying the "right thing". The truth is, though, that speaking from your heart will always be the right thing and will make your speech have much greater impact. Remember that you are writing this for your little girl and this is your chance to tell her how proud of her you are and to welcome your new son-in-law and his family to yours.

Thank the guests for coming. It's a really nice gesture to tell the guests how much you appreciate them being there for your daughter's wedding. If you would like you can also mention by name anyone who may have traveled far to make it to the wedding.

Add a story or two from your daughter's pre-wedding years. Memories or stories about your daughter are wonderful additions to your inspirational Father of the Bride speech and will help to make it more personal and moving. You may want to talk about how she and her new husband met, or any other memories you have that are special to both you and her.

Do not be too "mushy" or too funny. The perfect Father of the Bride speech is a nice mix of both emotional and humorous content. Try to avoid only talking about sentimental stuff or only telling jokes. Instead, find a balance and blend the two to make the perfect speech.