WoW First Aid Guide

Being able to heal yourself is one very desirable skill in Warcraft and therefore one of the best secondary professions to have is First Aid. The following WoW First Aid guide will share some tips and advice on this profession.

First Aid is fantastic for any class, even healers, because of its potential to reduce your down time. This profession will also make you a great ally in any group because you'll be able to heal others. First Aid utilizes various bandages as a tool in healing. These bandages are made from a variety of cloths that you get as you level up. The higher level cloths will have better healing power. This WoW first aid guide will not go into actually making and using the bandages. The list that follows is of the various cloths, their skill level and healing power. As you'll see heavy bandages he better.

o Linen: Starting skill level, with a 66 Healing power and (114 lifting power for Heavy, meaning heavy bandages) over 6 sec
o Wool: Find a trainer once you're at level 115, Healing power is 161 (301 for Heavy) over 7 seconds.
o Silk: Find a trainer at skill level 150, Healing power is 400 (640 Heavy) over 8 seconds.
o Mageweave: Find a trainer at skill 210, Healing power is 800 (1104 Heavy) over 8 seconds.
o Runecloth: Find a trainer at skill 260, Healing power is 1360 (2000 Heavy) over 8 seconds.
o Netherweave: For this cloth you'll need to learn it from a book at skill 330, Healing power is 2800 (3400 Heavy) over 8 seconds.
o Frostweave: You'll need to train with a Grand Master Trainer at skill level 350, healing power is 4800 (5800 Heavy) over 8 seconds.

Heavy bandages, as I mentioned earlier, have better healing power and require you to use 2 pieces of cloth as opposed to 1, which makes a regular bandage. As far as the books I mentioned for learning how to make Netherweave and other cloths, they can be found either in the wild or bought. I'll talk a little now in the WoW first aid guide about leveling your first aid skill. One book you'll need for leveling through skill levels 125-225 is the "Under Wraps" book. It'll cost you 1 gold and can be found in Stromgarde Ruins for Alliance characters and bought from Deneb Walker. Or, for Horde, it can be bought from Balai Lok'Wein in Brakenwall Village, Dustwallow Marsh.

Leveling through levels 225-300 will require a special quest. For this quest your character level needs to be 35 and your skill needs to be at level 225. For the quest, Alliance faction should seek out Doctor Gustaf Van Howzen in Theramore Isle. Horde should seek out Doctor Gregory Victor in Hammerfall which is in the Arathi Highlands.

To become a Master in First Aid, skill 300-375, you'll need another book. Alliance can find it at the Temple of Telhamat, and Horde can find it at Falcon Watch. The Netherweave book I mentioned earlier can also be found here.

As a conclusion to the WoW first aid guide I'd like to mention some quick things about healing. You can only heal while standing still and not sustaining any damage. If you end up taking some damage or moving while healing then you keep the healing you've gotten but any further stopping stops. Lastly, you can not cause damage to others while you're healing. To get around this limitation one tip is to stun your enemies momentarily to give you time to heal. This is best done by using Heavy bandages.