World class Rehabilitation services in India

With the advancement of healthcare services and modernization of technology, the mortality rate of people suffering from fatal diseases has drastically decreased. Patients getting brain insults due to a Cerebrovascular accident or Cerebral palsy or a Head injury are saved in most of the cases, if given timely intervention.

Medical services, no doubt, add years to a person’s life, but a person who is alive needs to live as well! And quality of life is added to these years by rehabilitation experts!

In today’s era, there is an ever increasing number of survivors requiring long term rehabilitation measures. And India is fast emerging as a favored destination for rehabilitation services for people from the world over.

India has excellent rehabilitation schools, which provide world class education to students, which matches the international standards. More so, most of these experts complete their higher studies in best of schools across the globe and practice in India. Besides the excellent quality of rehabilitation facilities, the cost effective healthcare services is what draws patients from all over the world to India.

“Lack of effective services in the African subcontinent and the middle east and very expensive services in the western countries are drawing more and more people to India for their rehabilitative treatment” says Ms Annu Puri, the director of leading patient care management services company Indicure, which provides expert medical advice and complete healthcare facilitation to patients globally.

A multidisciplinary rehabilitation team comprises of physical & occupational therapist, speech & language pathologist, rehab nurses, psychologist, biomedical engineer, orthotist & prosthetist, nutritionist and medical social worker. The team is led by a rehabilitation medicine specialist, a Physiatrist, who specializes in Physical medicine and rehabilitation after his graduation in medicine.

The rehabilitation medicine specialist evaluates and makes a comprehensive management plan, along with the rest of the members, provide continuity of medical care and perform diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. The rehab plan provides optimal environment for recovery, functional improvement, reduction in secondary complications, impairments & disability, teaching compensatory strategies, appropriate equipment & modifications and continuity of care.

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