World Class Healthcare in Singapore Hospitals


Singapore has always been on top in the healthcare sector within the Asian region. Not content develop linearly, Singapore has reached out to the international arena and built relationships and learning associations with some of the world’s best in medicine. Now, the small island can boast more than two thousand enterprises in Singapore – a supporting cast to the burgeoning local industry that includes Siemens Medical, Baxter Healthcare and Glaxo-SmithKline. The result; one of the best practice of medicine in the world, attracting thousands of patients from Asia and around to the world to her doorstep.

With continued investment into its infrastructure, education and its people, Singapore as a premier medical hub will continue to grow in reputation and soon, it will no longer be just a focal point for treatment, but a crucible where medical wonders and new areas of medicine can be discovered. With a resume that reads an expertise in areas of neurology, infectious diseases, cardiology amongst others – its list of medical accolades can only increase as the years go by. With specialised centres for treating specific diseases and state of the art equipment, Singapore has reaffirmed its status as a world class healthcare giver in all respects.

And this is not limited to the local front either, Singapore has taken to the world stage and has proven itself in areas of clinical trials, healthcare consulting, services, hospital management, lab services and even areas like medical and pharmaceutical services. This all starts from weaving an attitude of world class medical principles and cutting edge syllabus within the schools and universities all over Singapore. By nurturing the young to be innovative and creative in the medical industry, it has successfully continued to grow a stable of medical practitioners that can continue to carry the flag of Singapore being a world class healthcare provider.

Johns Hopkins International is one of the founding medical pioneers that has decided to shake hands with Singapore; and in the late 1990’s, it set up satellite outposts in our local government and private hospitals. This sort of international collaboration is important when remembering that a world class attitude towards providing service and healthcare starts from learning and Singapore and its medical staff and practitioners have always engaged the world in learning from the best and absorbing ideals and best practices and inculcating them into what they already learned. Singapore has also been able to attract some of the best and brightest internationally to come to the country and start to teach our local doctors – also working together to create medical breakthroughs that can benefit not only Singapore, but the entire world. The Washington State Medical University continues to work with local universities and polytechnics in Singapore work closely with foreign medical institutions to continue to lift up the banner of Singapore’s healthcare services.

With such initiatives put in place health care in Singapore will always be top class, affordable and accessible to all, with no compromises on quality and an assurance that anyone who enters any establishment to seek healthcare services is getting the best possible treatment possible in Singapore.