Working With Allergies With Spiritual Response Therapy

In SRT, an allergy is defined as a protective device. It is the body’s way of saying “you have been harmed by this in past lives, so stay away from it”.

If a person has an allergy to or extreme fear of a particular object or phenomenon, it usually involves experiences of being harmed before by the very same subject of the allergy or fear. For example, if a person fears or is allergic to cats, there is a high probability that he/she was harmed by a cat, lion, tiger or an animal from the cat family in a past life, and the instinctive adverse reaction to the cat is still present.

If a person has food allergy to nuts, milk, or any type of food, it is likely that that person was harmed or passed on due to the particular food type. The passing or harm could have been inflicted during the production of the food, or simply in the process of consuming it. If a person has been hurt by a food type over several life times, then the allergy can be quite serious when manifested in this life time.

A person suffering from asthma is most likely to have been harmed or killed in a fire or was asphyxiated in a confined space that had a lack of oxygen.

To work with a person with an allergy, it is best to ask the person whether he/she is willing to heal himself/herself. If the person holds an extreme fear towards a certain type of allergy to the extent that he/she does not want to face it, it would be difficult to help them to heal.

Hence, it really depends whether a person has a positive will and intention, and wants to work on his/her specific allergy issue. If a person strongly and positively wants to heal from the allergy, we will then use the pendulum to ask High Self if there was any hurt or harm caused by the specific allergy in the person’s past lives. If High Self indicates yes, we will ask again to determine the number of life times where death resulted from that specific allergy.

Then, we will proceed to ask High Self the number of programmes that we need to research on for that particular root life time in order to clear the allergy.

Once we have cleared all programmes and energies related to that specific allergy, it is important to always ask again if there is anything else to do or anything else the client is not aware of.

It is good practice to use the releasing statement from SRT Basic class to reprogramme the sub-conscious mind to heal the faulty belief system and to replace it with the positive.

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