Womens Heart Disease – How to Prevent Or Reverse It

One of the major health concerns facing modern women today is heart disease. It has long been seen as a health problem for men but more women die from heart attacks than men and many women mistakenly believe they are not at risk.

The scariest part of womens heart disease is that a lot of the time it can go undetected until it is a major problem. Many women that die from it had no previous signs or symptoms.

Studies are starting to show that women are affected differently by heart problems and that women also exhibit different symptoms which can result in the problem being undetected.

Part of the problem with heart disease is the blocking of the arteries around the heart. If the arteries begin to block, blood flow to the body is reduced and pressure can build at the site of the block. This pressure can cause major problems.

In men this tends to be in the major arteries and is characterised by intense sharp pains. Womens heart disease however can happen in minor arteries which is equally dangerous but harder to detect as there isn’t the major pain associated with it and the pain caused can easily be misdiagnosed.

Some of the major factors that lead to heart problems are being over weight, a bad lifestyle, poor diet, cholesterol levels and genetics.

The good news is that apart from your genetics the other factors can be controlled and reduced to help prevent the development of heart problems. Even if your genetics mean you are more at risk of heart disease if you prevent the other factors then you have a far better chance of not developing it.