Women's Hair Loss – How to Regain New Hair Growth

You have the balding syndrome and losing hair fast. You are worried that you would lose your attractiveness once

How did this happen? As a woman, you might be wondering if you have done something or used a hair care product that might be unsuitable for you.

Improper use of styling products is among one of the common causes for the condition. There are many styling products available in the market which can beautify and give you a lustrous crown. Beware! Overusing of styling products is bad and may cause damage to the follicles and make them fall off.

Women like to style their hair and to go to salons to do various chemical treatments. Rebonding, straightening, curling and dyeing are few common chemical treatments that women do at the salons. These treatments are part of grooming and enhance the attractiveness. It is alright to go to the salon to do chemical treatment. However frequent subjecting to chemicals cause damage to the follicles. Each time you go under the hot straightening iron to iron the kinks, you are causing heat damage to your hair. It is hence important to have proper after treatment to repair the follicles to ensure that they retain the moisture and shine.

Shampooing your hair everyday might not be a good idea. Washing your scalp often may lead to the washing away of essential natural oils that are needed. After shampooing, try to comb your hair with a wide tooth comb. Do not exert too much force when combing or your may find that in the long run, you will find more strands lying around in the house.

If your hair is severely damage and you start noticing balding areas on your head, it is the early signs that you may be in a long term condition. In order to cure the condition, you would need to either seek treatment or to get a reputable product that can stop and promote new growth. Do note that getting new growth takes time and it may mean that you may be using the treatment or product for a while to regain new hair.