Women Surfing and Diving in Paradise


A misconception is that you do not need to have a wetsuit in warm of tropical climates. This is definitely not the case, as people discount the cold water currents and the temperature of the water. This coupled with the fact that water acts as a conductor of heat away from the body determines that you do in fact need a wetsuit. The women’s shorty wetsuit is arguably one of the best investments that you could possibly make.

Traditionally the women’s shorty wetsuit, even all the wetsuits were predominantly black, and not very stylish, well not at least as stylish as they are today. Over and above the style factor, the women were really left to use wetsuits that were designed for men and didn’t make allowances for the female form. Of course this had to change, as many women found the wetsuits to be extremely restricting and downright uncomfortable. Hence the developers and designers, after realizing that this niche portion of the wetsuit market was actually quite lucrative did they progress into designing and manufacturing the women’s shorty wetsuit, full dive skins and many more accessories specifically for women and girls.

There are many stories where female professional surfers started out wearing men’s wetsuits and didn’t really have a choice, as that was all that was available at the time. As surfing took off and the popularity increased so did the interest in the clothing and accessories surrounding this popular culture and spread from one beach town to the next, taking with it in its ‘wave’ the female supporters and participants of this sport.

The women’s shorty wetsuit is also ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling, even in the warmer waters. This offers the protection of scraps and scratches from coral, rocks and other potential hazards under the water. The suit will also offer sun protection as well as a buffer against wearing belts and related diving equipment. It is recommended that you wear a rash guard under the suit if you intend following a fairly active sport such as surfing, as the rubbing of the suit’s rough material against the skin causes the dreaded wetsuit rash, which is neither pleasant nor very comfortable.

Fashion has also caught up with the women’s shorty wetsuit that nowadays is available in a variety of designs and colors, complete with functional features that allow the wearer to enjoy full utilization of the suit. Technology also promises to continue to benefit the development of the suit which currently enjoys heated panels powered by either solar, batteries or even chemically. This is great for those that tend to get cold very quickly in the water, and for those that go vacationing at colder water venues.

The women’s shorty wetsuit will provide extra warmth and therefore a longer time in the water while you enjoy your surfing, diving or snorkeling in whichever location you have chosen for your vacation.