Women Cardiac Health

Women Cardiac Health

All Dear Ladies! Beware of Your Cardiac Health!

Heart attack is one of the major causes of deaths in women, after breast cancer. It has been estimated that almost one in three women will ultimately die of stroke or cardiac disease. Over weight women with high cholesterol levels are sure to get a heart attack if not given appropriate health care. The onset of menopause in women increases the risks of heart diseases, and equals that to the similar risks posed to men.

Women usually experience early symptoms of cardiovascular disease more differently than men do. Heart attack symptoms in women appear subtler. It would be advisable to consult your physician whenever you experience the following symptoms:

ü A feeling of shortness of breath, which may not be accompanied by any chest pain

ü Symptoms which are flu-like. Especially the feelings of nausea, cold sweats, and clamminess

ü Weakness, unexplained fatigue, dizziness

ü Pain in the neck, jaw, chest, shoulders, and upper back

ü General discomfort, loss of appetite, and feelings of anxiety

ü Indigestion or gas-like pain

ü Recurring chest discomfort

A woman is known for her ability to show care and concern for others. But, as a woman, it is now time to also mother your own heart. It is time for every woman to realise that heart disease is not just a ‘Man’s Disease.’ A healthy lifestyle along with regular scheduled visits to your doctor will give you the chance to live a long and happy life with your dear ones. www.healthizen.com