With Vivaxa, Your Confidence and Stamina Reaches New Heights

Ingredients like Peptide 171 and Calmosensine are used in Vivaxa to enhance the male organ and allow the male optimum stamina and harder erection for maximum pleasure. These provide greater sensations and cooling properties, which absorb quickly into the penile area and go to work immediately.

As a topical cream, Vivaxa works instantly to boost energy levels and give the male great staying power and quality of appreciation. It is important for the male to build stamina for better sexual performance and pleasing his partner. The difference between this product and other gels is that this is absorbed into the skin instantly and does not numb the penile area like most gels do. The partners who enjoy the energized lovemaking like never before report no desensitizing results.

Barmensen Labs have introduced Vivaxa after undergoing certified tests in cGMP labs. Care is taken to ensure top quality ingredients are used and that the patent pending strong properties of this topical product increase intense pleasure for couples. Lovemaking reaches new heights according to some of the testimonials reported in their website. The results are dramatic.

This topical gel can be dabbed onto the penis and used by men for self-facilitating first so that they can determine the exact time it takes for rapid arousal so that they can time the application for maximum benefits. Just a tiny portion of the gel is enough to stimulate the penis. Man is confident that his libido is in top gear and regular use guarantees long-term results from eight weeks to twelve weeks.

Barmensen Labs have chalked out an Initial Integration Phase where they suggest how many times the gel has to be applied in the first twelve weeks. Thereafter, a Maintenance Phase is recommended for optimum results. They now have an introductory offer of three tubes free for every three tubes bought. A few gifts are thrown in to try people to try out their product. They offer a 90-day free trial offer with money back guarantee, as they are confident of the efficiency of the topical properties of Vivaxa.