Wireless Hidden Cameras — "it Wasn’t Me", Said the Nanny

Mom came home from work, tired and looking forward to a relaxing evening.

As soon as she got through the door her two sons ran to meet her.  But something was wrong – Billy, the toddler, had a large bruise on his upper arm which wasn’t there when she left this morning.

A few weeks ago Mom had hired a nanny to watch her kids during the day.  The nanny came with good references and seemed to get along with the kids – Billy, 18 months, and Jimmy who just turned three.

They were normal boys who also had a hard day of playing, napping, eating and sometimes getting into mischief.

Mom asked the nanny where Billy got that dark bruise.  The nanny said that Jimmy, his older brother, smacked him in the arm with a Wiffle Ball bat.

Mom questioned Jimmy and he said that he didn’t do anything to his younger brother.  “I like playing with Jimmy – he’s my friend”.

But this wasn’t the first time this happened.  Mom had noticed other bruises on Billy over the past few weeks.  According to the nanny, they were all caused by his older brother who constantly denied it and said that the nanny hurt Billy.

Something didn’t sound right so Mom bought a Wireless Hidden Camera that looks like an AM/FM radio and put it in the living room.  The radio actually works so the nanny wouldn’t suspect that she was being watched.

Mom also connected the Wireless Hidden Camera to her home computer using the proper software.  This way she could log on from her computer at work to see what was happening in her living room whenever she wanted.

The next day went by without incident.  But the following day, while watching from her work computer, Mom observed the nanny with an angry face, grabbing Billy by his arms.  The nanny harshly pulled him off the sofa and began roughly shaking him causing poor Billy to cry in pain.

Mom was shocked and immediately left the office and hurried home. 

When she got there, she confronted the nanny and found Billy still crying. 

“What did you do to Billy?” Mom asked. 

“It wasn’t me” said the nanny, “Jimmy hit him and pushed him on the floor”.

Mom then asked the nanny to take a look at her home computer, which showed the entire incident.

The nanny knew she was caught and Mom fired her on the spot and filed a complaint with the employment agency.

Thanks to a Wireless Hidden Camera, both children were spared the threat of further abuse.

Mom had peace of mind when she hired a new nanny.  The Wireless Hidden Camera gave her an extra pair of eyes to watch what was really happening in her home.

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