Will This Star Trek Pain Management Reduce Your Pain at Home?


Solve Your Pain, Boost Your Energy and Rejuvenate.

Sounds too fantastic to be true? Well fortunately for you the Russian’s deep understanding of the living systems created healing technologies to heal the body with the minimum amount of energy for a lot more than just pain management. In fact when the SCENAR became a black operations top secret research project they tasked 100 or so scientists to discover the minimum amount of energy to “jump start” the bodies systems and some SCENAR devices like the DENAS will operate for over 20 hours on a single AA battery!

Then came the fall of the Berlin Wall and the SCENAR technology began very slowly to be recognized in the west and now 20 years later it is being marketed in most western countries. However the Russians have never developed good marketing practices and today the SCENAR is googled only 500 times a day despite the extraordinary results it consistently delivers in just about all the disease groups.

For instance in the 1980’s clinical trials in Russia on 18,255 people they obtained cure rates of 88.91% across all the disease groups tested with no drugs or surgeries. In the various groups they achieved the following cure rates: Circulatory 82%, Musculoskeletal 79%, Respiratory 84%, Digestive 93%, GU 89%, Ob-Gyn 78%, Nervous 81%, Ear Nose and Throat 82%, Eye 93%, Dental 91%, Dermatological 68%, CA Palliative 80% and Misc 81%.

All with a small hand held device the size of a remote control that the European press call the Star Trek Healing device. The basic SCENARs like the DENAS are so easy to use that my 5 year old son uses them on his owies. Whereas the professional units are complicated and not so user friendly and takes a lot of experience to become proficient at all the settings. That aside they all deliver such great results that cannot be addressed nearly so quickly by any other modality including acupuncture, chiropractic and allopathic methods.

The SCENAR works by activating the body’s healing mechanisms with small tingles of electricity that appear to ‘jump start” healing even chronic situations in very old people when they use them at home. So little need for the sitting around in the doctor’s office for hours for a 15 minute visit and another round of prescription mind numbing pain killers the SCENAR does it all with a AA battery!