Will I Bruise After Rhinoplasty?

Just like any other surgical procedure, bruising just happens. It is simply a blood stain on the underside of the skin. A person's eyelids are considered to be the thinnest pieces of skin on the entire body and due to this, bruises are very common in association with a rhinoplasty.

The good thing is that just like any type of bruising, there are steps to help you minimize the discoloration. It is very important that prior to your operation, you discontinue use of anything that may thin out your blood. Blood thinning agents can be found in many products like aspirin and even wine. It is important to do this at least 2 weeks prior to the procedure to ensure that the blood is thicker at the time of the rhinoplasty.

It is also important that in order to reduce your chances of bruises, that you should quit smoking. This not only helps minimize the bruising but can help you be healthier. When compared to a non smoking patient, the smoker will generally have a lower healing ability and is more likely to receive swelling. The nicotine lowers your ability to fight off infections as well as naturally repair the body after an injury like a nose job.

After you have completed the procedure make sure that you have plenty of ice packs ready to go as these can not only reduce lodging but can assist in making the bruise go away quicker. When using the ice packs remember to elevate your head above the rest of your body so that blood is not rushed into the area from gravity.

Remember to keep irritations to your nasal cavity to a minimum. After the procedure is completed, any type of touching or scratching may irritate the healing tissue under the skin and may increase swelling as well as bruising.

Your surgeon may also be able to suggest various over the counter herbal medicines as well as prescription drugs that can assist in minimizing the chances of excessive bruising around the nose and eye sockets. If you have a history of bruising it is also important to inform the surgeon so that proper precautions may be taken to help minimize any unsightly bruising.