Will Honey For My Skin Really Make it Shine?

Honey has been used since ancient times. Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt beauty, was known as an avid user of honey in her daily skin care routine. But, in modern times like today, will honey still work fine? Is it not a bit out-dated? My answer is yes, honey is still considered one of magical beauty natural resources in beauty industry. And, it has won consumer demands over the time, especially as the back to nature is in now. Jotted down below are the reasons why honey will make your skin looks smooth, young and glowing.

1. Honey has anti-bacterial ingredients. You can use pure, unprocessed honey all over your face as a weekly mask. I use honey twice weekly. At first, I did not notice any differences except there was this sticky layer over my face. But, after a month or so, my pimples are started to diminish without any scar. How illuminated I am to find that! Now, every time acne appears, I just dab a bit of honey as a remedial action before going to bed. It works wonder.

2. Honey can act as a natural moisturizer as it will retain water from drying out of the skin. As time passes, skin gets wrinkled. So, it is important to keep it hydrated so it will not lose its suppleness, young-looking, smooth appearance. Applying thin layer of honey into face daily as night cream replacement will be beneficial to the skin.

3. Pure honey can be used as a treatment for chapped lips. Before bed, apply a thin layer of honey to lips and leave it overnight. Do this regularly and you will kiss cracked lips good-bye.

4. Honey is natural antioxidant. But, to obtain the benefit, we must also keep it daily so it will heal from the inside. My mom always drinks a spoonful of honey as part of her traditional medicine routine. But, you can also mix honey into your tea or apple juice.

5. Honey has this calming scent. You can create your own home-made body scrub using a mix of honey and coarse sugar. Afterward, your skin will look deeply moist, velvety and radiant. In addition to that, your mind will find serene.

That is the benefit of honey to make skin looks healthy and shining. Now, what if you want products that have all the benefit of honey minus its sticky nature and can be used in any occasion? I recommend you to use Oriflame products that from Milk and Honey range which consist of face mask and face cream. It will hardly nourish your skin and preserving its ability to combat pollutant material while at the same time, keeps acne away. You might look below sites to find out where to buy.