Will Cutting Carbs Help Me Lose Weight?


Low to no carb diets are said to be even more effective than low fat diets in weight loss according to some studies. So will cutting carbs help me lose weight? First you have to understand that not all carbs are created the same. So how do you tell a good carb from a bad one? There are two basic types of carbohydrates: First the Sugars, which are known as a simple carbohydrates. Second the Starches, which are known as complex carbohydrates.

The major difference between these carbohydrates is the time taken by your body to digest them.A lot of simple carbohydrates come from processed foods such as pizza, chocolate, cakes, foods that contain or more accurately have added sugars. Misunderstood by many is the fact that you can get the same results by eating apples, bananas, grapes, raisins. 

Going on a low carb diet means stopping the intake of carbohydrates and it helps in not putting on weight, but actually everyone must have at least 45% -65% of carbohydrates depending on each individual. Ketosis is a metabolic disorder resulting from the body being starved of carbohydrates over a period of time.  But, regaining your weight only needs high carbohydrate foods, just increase your consumption on these foods, like rice and potatoes, and surely you will have that weight again.

Just picture this cycle as you read. Your body cannot sustain extremely low carb diets on a long term basis, and if you continue to follow their strict regulations you will find your health negatively affected, eventually leaving you in poor health.

So will cutting carbs help me lose weight? Only if you reduce the correct type of carbohydrate from your diet together with some other changes besides cutting carbs will you lose weight.