Why You Shouldn’t Scratch Those Itchy Eyes

There are times when you feel like doing something, but you cannot do it, due to the fact that you get allergic reactions doing so. Times wherein you like to sunbathe but you cannot because you get rashes all over your body. Or another time when you want to organize your closet then suddenly your eyes start to itch. Do not fear for there are natural remedies that are available worldwide that provide relief to allergy symptoms.

A walk in the park is such an enjoyable task for you, yet you cannot pursue this enjoyment because every time you do so it turns into a series of non-stop sneezing, coughing and, worst of all, itchy eyes. Scratching or rubbing your itchy eyes are very tempting. You should never do anything that may irritate your eyes, and scratching will definitely irritate them. However, due to the incessant itching, you might just ignore this major health rule.

Instead of rubbing your eyes, thus causing the itchy situation to worsen, you should just see if what you are suffering from is a seasonal allergy. Now how are you going to do that? All you have to do is to check the symptoms and see if the variations you are experiencing are similar to the symptoms of a seasonal allergy.

What are its symptoms then? Seasonal allergies involve coughing, sneezing, scratchy throat, and itchy eyes. Misidentification happens all the time between seasonal allergies and other kinds of allergies. Here is a tip so that you can avoid misidentifying the symptoms you feel with other allergies: seasonal allergies stop at some point; depending on where you are located and whatever substance it is that you are allergic to.

Itchy eyes are probably the worst symptom of an allergy because oftentimes you just cannot resist scratching. And when you do scratch them, you end up getting swollen eyes. Your eyes are very detrimental to your daily living because your vision is your most important sense, which means, losing your vision would make life a whole lot harder for you.

You can also get itchy eyes with every breath you take since every breath contains millions and millions of microscopic particles. These particles are often, and are supposed to be, warded off by the immune system, but sometimes some harmful airborne substance can still explain this filtering and enter the body, thus causing various allergy symptoms. Your immune system usually ignores harmless airborne particles, and sometimes even mistakes these harmless airborne particles for dangerous ones.

This mistaken identity will then result into the release of a substance called Histamine, which then leads to a condition termed as Allergic Rhinitis and Hayfever. Itchy eyes and other major allergy symptoms are then seen in these conditions. To be able to avoid these said sicknesses, you have to, first and foremost, know what other significant symptoms allergic rhinitis and hayfever have.

First, you will be observing clear discharge coming out of your nose, otherwise known as a runny nose. Your eyes will also become red and puffy, like as if you have cried for the whole night. They will also itch like crazy. You will also be finding dark spots under your eyes, which give you a ghastly look. Sneezing and an itchy nose should never be ignored for these two are most often associated with each other. Your nasal passages are also extremely swollen. Your throat will also be totally irritated, which will, in turn, result into a sore throat. And aside from these, you will also be feeling fatigue.

If you do not want to experience these symptoms, you can try antihistamine drugs which will do good in blocking the release of histamine and will reduce, or even better, prevent the allergic reaction. No allergic reaction, no symptoms. These antihistamine drugs come in tablets, inhalers, nasal sprays, syrups, and eye drops.

However, these antihistamine drugs can sometimes cause unwanted side effects. Quercitin is a famous flavanoid, which are usually found in onions and apples. It is considered to be a building block for other flavanoids. Flavanoids are very important anti-oxidants, which are usually found in fruits and different kinds of vegetation. They can reduce inflammation, strengthen your blood vessels, boost your immunity, and improve circulation. Quercitin prevents allergy symptoms, especially itchy eyes and nasal congestion.

Itchy eyes are not so hard to cure, nor treat, but the resistance and endurance should be of maximum level. Wanting to scratch your itchy eyes while knowing you should not is very hard to handle. Itchy eyes are most commonly caused by certain allergies. Therefore, you should treat your allergies for to avoid the irritating symptoms.