Why You Should Not Treat Whooping Cough With OTC Medicines

Whooping Cough is an infectious bacterial disease that causes uncontrollable coughing. The name comes from the noise you make when taking a deep breath, and is caused by an infection with Bordella pertussis bacterium. The infection easily spreads from coughing or sneezing. Over the counter medicines have little effect on treating this type of cough, because it is basically a nervous system disorder and not a mucous problem!

This barking disease is referred to as the "100 day cough", marked by the symptom that gives this disease its name: a severe, hacking cough followed by a high-pitched take of breath that sounds like a "whoop".

Some people think whooping cough as having gone the way of polio, but it has not been wiped out. In fact, the number of reported cases is on the rise again. According to the CDC, over 5000 cases were reported in 2004 and 2005, The largest number since the 1950s. A child can develop this condition even after having the immunization, but hopefully to a much lesser degree.

Teenagers and adults typically recover from whooping cough without complications. At worst, excessive coughing may cause a bruised or broken rib or a hernia. Children with this complication also may injure the muscles of the chest wall or develop a hernia. That's not uncommon. But for infants – especially those under the age of 2, complications can be more severe and may include ear infections, pneumonia, slowed or stopped breathing, dehydration, seizures and brain damage.

A case of whooping cough usually resolves in about six weeks – but may last longer! That's why it is referred to as the 100 day cough.

Remember when treating whooping cough, it is important to strengthen the nervous system. It is a nervous system affliction and the base of the trouble is cerebral and spinal. It begins with a dry, persistent cough, which apparently has no cause and there is no irritation of the throat or lungs. There are many herbal and natural products available to build up the nervous system, and when treating whooping cough it is essential to treat the root problem.

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