Why You Should Have An Indican Test

Why Should I Have This Test?

Dysbiosis is most likely the major contributing factor to most diseases and conditions and as such ought to be inquired in to as a possible cause in all medical conditions. Another major reason that this checkup is so important is that unless your gut is healthy you are very unlikely to absorb nutrition from your diet and nutritional supplementation. It is for this reason that the gut is treated first, otherwise it impairs our ability to maximize dietary changes and nutritional supplementation.

What Does An Indican Test Do?

When beneficial bacteria are destroyed by harmful yeasts, fungus, bacteria and viruses the process of dysbiosis and disease starts. The Urinary Indican Test is the correct and elementary checkup used to measure the putrefaction of protein in the digestive tract by unhealthy bacteria. A positive result suggests bowel toxicity because of dysbiosis.

What is Dysbiosis?

Dysbiosis is the term used to explain an imbalance of the bacteria in the digestive tract often resulting from too much yeast, harmful bacteria, viruses or parasites. Studies show that more than 70% of our immune process starts in the intestine. In the event you don’t have the right balance of bowel flora, you won’t have a healthy functioning immune process. Dysbiosis affects the immune process, hormonal balance and the important homeostatic balance of the body. This can also alter neurochemistry leading to conditions such as depression, anxiety and irritability. Dysbiosis can be linked to a whole range of medical conditions affecting every aspect of our health.

How Does Dysbiosis Cause Disease?

Dysbiosis starts when beneficial bacteria are destroyed by harmful yeasts, fungus, bacteria and viruses. This detrimental process can bring about the following:

1. Disruption with the friendly bacteria which causes yeast and fungal overgrowth

2. Putrefaction

3. Allergy and Inflammation

4. Malnutrition

5. Hepatic stress

6. Leaky Gut Syndrome

When the friendly bacteria in the intestines is killed off, this will lead to fungal overgrowth in most instances. When sugars, grains and alcohol are consumed, the intestinal tract will become a putrid and infected. This is the ideal environment for yeasts and fungus to develop and grow. Allergic reactions can occur, causing inflammation of the mucous membranes in the intestinal tract. Inflammation inhibits our body from absorbing valuable nutrients from food, and this then leads to malnutrition. When these yeast begin to line our intestinal wall, they puncture holes in the lining of our gut wall allowing wastes, food particles, bacteria and toxins to leach in to our bloodstream leading to a whole host of other health conditions.

Who Should Have This Test?

If your health is important to you, then this check is for you. This is one of our most popular tests, for obvious reasons. Naturopaths often state that health starts with a healthy gut. Because of this our investigations and treatments often begin with the gut. The Indican Test is an elementary and effective way to monitor and measure the level of unhealthy bacteria in the gut, and to follow up how effective the treatment is at decreasing the load of harmful bacteria and their detrimental effects on the body. Because of this, naturopaths usually recommend this test to all of their patients.

What Is Involved In The Test?

The Indican Test involves taking a basic urinary sample, to which your practitioner will then add some chemicals to ascertain the level of dysbiosis in the gut. Later tests may be taken to be sure that your treatment is decreasing the level of dysbiosis and that your gut function is in fact improving.

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