Why you should have a lawyer, who is also a doctor, handle your cerebral palsy case

There are thousands of attorneys who handle cerebral palsy cases. However, having an attorney who is also a doctor can be extremely advantageous to your case.

A doctor is trained and understands labor and delivery. When a child is born with cerebral palsy, there are usually problems with the child’s heart rate prior to birth. A trained doctor understands how fetal monitor tracings should read. They are aware of unreassuring patterns can lead to decreased oxygen and cerebral palsy. A lawyer who is also a doctor is aware of how attending physicians and nurse are to deal with birth related issues that can result in cerebral palsy. Unlike an ordinary attorney, a doctor/attorney knows the standard of care and can recognize when this has been breached. Doctors are knowledgeable in pediatrics, obstetrics, radiology, and neurology as well. They understand the normal developing fetus and how to recognize any complications that can lead to cerebral palsy.

A doctor/lawyer can “read between the lines” in your delivery and prenatal records which can help determine if your child’s cerebral palsy or developmental delay is as a result of medical malpractice.

The familiarity with the terminology and procedures recorded in your medical records means that a doctor/lawyer can tell if you have a case the same day that these records are reviewed.

You only have one chance when you proceed with a cerebral palsy case. Many families have hired attorneys who are not doctors and the results have been far less than satisfactory. However, there is documentation that shows how having a lawyer who is also a doctor can generate record verdicts on cerebral palsy cases.