Why You Should Eat Watermelon in the Summer

Eating watermelon in summer is not only refreshing us but also has a lot of benefits for our body. This fruit also has healing effect for them who have some diseases such as high blood pressure. Besides, the high content of water is also very helpful to prevent dehydration.

Watermelon is best solution to reduce the temperature of human body resulted from the hot weather. It is also good to be eaten by them who have high fever. Post why? Because our body neutralizes hot weather or temperature by sweating and it makes us lost a great number of water inside our body. Therefore, eating this red fruit will be helpful to increase the water content and preventing dehydration.

Besides, this fruit is also helpful to reduce the symptoms of laryngitis. It is also has high content of vitamin required by human body. However, eating too much watermelon is causing humidity and weakens lymph and gastritis. For some people, eating this fruit excessively might cause diarrhea.

There are still a lot of benefits you could get from this ball-shaped fruit. You could reduce the pain of toothache by using the husk. Dry the husk of this fruit and pound it into powder, add some ice and smear it up. You could also make pickles from the soft husk. Dice the soft husk; add sesame oil, and coriander leaves. The last, you just need to add some vinegar and you could get nice pickles from it.

So, would you like to try?