Why Should Women Start Weightlifting Today


Myths provide our societies with irrational fears and often lead to individuals to stray from the right course of action. One of these myths happens to revolve around female bodybuilding; a lot of women shy away from weightlifting falsely thinking that it will make them look masculine and butch. This myth has been spreading for years now, although the biological factors in a female’s body could never allow such a thing without interference of steroids and hormone treatment.

Testosterone, a hormone found in abundance in a man’s body, helps a man to develop muscles and bulk up. Women on the other hand do have this hormone but in small quantities, thus they do not look buffed up no matter how much they exercise.

Weightlifting or strength training is actually crucial for women because of its many health benefits such as: maintenance of healthy bones, depression prevention, and back pains. Women weightlifters tend to have better posture for a simple reason; strength training helps the back, balance, and self esteem. Thus, women tend to walk taller after two weeks of strength training. Not to mention that the extra strength they gain helps them around the house or at work, and reduces injury possibilities when lifting heavy objects.

A well designed strength training plan will yield results within a couple of weeks; you will instantly feel the changes in your stress levels, confidence, and even weight. It is easier to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight when weightlifting, since it raises the body’s metabolism thus burning more calories. You may not notice a clear loss on the scale, but you’ll probably notice that your jeans are looser or your body is more toned. This mainly results because you will gain muscle and shed the fat, thus evening out the number on the scale. It is worth mentioning that a pound of muscle weighs more than a pound of fat, yet burns more calories at rest.

You can start with very simple steps, lift stuff around the house, play with your child, or dust the bookshelf at least once a week by moving all the books on the ground. Those are only initial steps that could develop into you signing up for a gym or simply buying dumbbells and launching a regular weightlifting program. Such a step will not only guarantee your well-being and happiness, but also prevent future health issues. It is advised for you to consult with a doctor before engaging in heavy weightlifting, and never lift heavier weights before you can do up to 8 reps at ease. Increase weight gradually; think gradual quality rather than instant quantity success.