Why Self-Mutilation? Overcome Your Depression

Self-mutilation is tragic. If you are depressed and you tend to mutilate yourself, you have to find real solutions for your problems, and overcome your depression without making things worse with your absurd behavior.

There are many things that you can do when you are desperate. Don’t harm your own body! This is sad, painful, and increases your depression in fact, marking your life with horrible wounds.

Here is a list of things that you can do:

1. Talk with a friend

2. Draw or write something, expressing your emotions

3. Help others, forgetting your own problems

4. Go to a hospital and seek help if your case is serious

5. Write down your dreams everyday and translate them according to the scientific method; then, follow the wise guidance of the unconscious mind, which will help you solve your problems, one by one.

There are many other things you can do!

Overcome your depression by learning who you are, and developing your intelligence.

You are so ignorant… you make so many mistakes… Why don’t you care about learning what you ignore?

The more you learn, the more possibilities you’ll have to solve all the problems of your life, exactly because all the knowledge you’ll acquire will show you many other perspectives that you didn’t consider before. You’ll certainly find what you need.

Why should you mutilate yourself and live bleeding?

Things are very hard in the world we live in, everyone is too selfish and indifferent to other people’s pain, but there are a few good things here too. There are also a few people that have a heart and care about how you feel.

Look for what is good, and be a friend to everyone.

This world is so vast! There are so, so many things you can do! Why should you be a poor mutilated creature that has no hope and lives suffering?

Work, study, search, walk.

Don’t stay static in a corner, crying and harming yourself…

You can do many things to change what is bad, and create what will be helpful and positive for everyone.

This world needs your participation, your corrections, and your criticism. Don’t deny giving it your answers, your presence, and your own wise conclusions.