Why Prostate Cancer is Better Than Lots of Other Illnesses

I know if you have just been diagnosed with prostate or any other type of cancer, you are of the opinion that it's the worst thing that can ever happen to you or anyone. I know it can be very traumatic for you and your loved ones. I know how your world may have collapsed with this news of having the condition, but it's still important that I tell you this – Prostate Cancer is BETTER than lots of other illnesses out there.

While conditions like Heart Attack can just take you out immediately without any warnings … prostate cancer does not. It gives you time to try to defeat it. Thankfully, the fact that lots of people all over the world have been able to defeat prostate cancer means that you CAN defeat it as well. The TIME it gives you … no matter how little the prognosis says, is enough time to defeat it, if you do all that is within your power to defeat it.

There are people who were diagnosed by their doctors and given limited prognosis, but such people ended up living far longer than those same doctors thatave them such prognosis. Do not believe me? Les Brown, the popular American motivational speaker, has the exact same thing happened to him. One of the doctors that attended to him when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer ended up dying suddenly of a heart condition – while Les Brown is still alive and well, several years later.

So, if you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, it does not mean your life has come to an abrupt end. Nope, friend. It simply means that you have the TIME to not only live but you have the time to be healed. The TIME, no matter how little the prognosis says it is, is enough time for you to find a solution and LIVE … just like Les Brown and millions of other people were able to LIVE, despite being diagnosed of the condition. Like I always say – if they could defeat prostate cancer, you CAN, as well!