Why People Take Tattoo?

Getting a Tattoo can be a wonderful and almost mystical experience. A common question: why do we do it?
Tattoo is widely considered as means of human beings self-expression. There are many reasons to the question. To summarize, these are the eight most important reasons:

* Defense
The prmitives lived their life in the jungle, coexisted with the preying beasts. To conceal themselves, they marked big black stains on their faces or a boar's tooth through noses, these appearance could frighten attackers off.

* Superstitious
It is believed that engraving some kind of animal's image or the special design may avoid evil influences or enhancing physical ability.

* Symbol
Many tribes have their own design of tattoos, the most typical one is the religious totem, used for identity.

* Commemoration
The most popular tattoo form in modern time is to engrave the sweetheart or benefactor's name on the body

* Cosmetology
Use tattoo to cover up scars.

* Self-Expression
To express the intense heroism or strength, Tattoo is considered as the brave behavior.

* Determination
Engraves the drive on the body the writing or has the upward meaning design, to is vigilant own as necessary.

* Sex Appeal
Emphasize the esthetic sense and the artistic value, change body into a colored sculpture.