Why Nurses Are Special People

Nurses are absolutely essential to the healthcare industry. No hospital could function without them. Nurses provide special qualities and care that no other healthcare professional can provide.

While a doctor may see a patient for five minutes each day in the hospital, the nursing staff is in constant communication with the patient. Not only is a nurse responsible for the medical care of the patient, they often become the emotional support a patient needs to cope with disease and illness. There are many ways that you can support a patient as a nurse in a hospital setting. Your responsibilities will usually include taking vital signs, administering medication, and following up with any physician orders for the patient.

At the same time, you may also work to educate a patient in the hospital. While doctors often prescribe treatment programs, nurses are often better at explaining those programs to patients. As a teacher, you will often be the person that the patient trusts the most. You’ll explain tests and procedures before a patient undergoes them. In addition, you’ll be there during the patient’s recovery to attend to his or her needs and questions.

Sometimes the nurse protects the doctor. In my own experience, I was admitted to the kidney ward after a major abdominal surgery. My primary doctor ordered a prescription. After he left my room, the head nurse shook her head and said, “We never want to use that drug on this floor.” She had the prescription changed without embarrassing the doctor.

Nurses often are the shoulder to lean on when a patient has anxiety, fear, or depression because of an illness. Patients depend on nurses to have compassion and to nurture them when they’re at their worst.

Even though your hospital duties may mainly include inserting IVs, drawing blood, monitoring blood pressure, and delivering medications the human factor is one of the most important things that a nurse can provide.

As a nurse, you are the one that will spend the most time with a patient during a hospital stay. You’re the one who will help with eating a meal, dressing, and bathing. You’ll see a person at his or her most vulnerable state and you’ll throw out the lifeline that’s needed to make it through.

Nurses also play a role in comforting friends and family members who may be dealing with feelings of worry, fear, or even grief. As a nurse, you’ll be the person who helps to explain the situation to relatives and important people of a patient. You’ll be the one who calms their anxiety.

A hospital might be able to deliver sterile medical care with any type of medical professional, but it couldn’t provide quality care without nurses. Nurses provide qualities that no other person could deliver.