Why Nausea is Experienced With MMS

When embarking down any path that involves the elimination of toxins and harmful pathogens from the body, it is almost inevitable that a healing crisis will ensue. Many individuals suggest that whilst they want to become healthier, they are not prepared to feel even more ill before they begin to turn the corner.

What most of us fail to remember is that this process of feeling worse before feeling better is well documented, and has been given the name of “The Herxheimer Reaction.”

The Herxheimer Reaction is a short term reaction that involves detoxification within the body (from a period of a few days to weeks). As detoxification takes place, it is not uncommon to experience symptoms such as headaches, muscle and joint pain, sore throat, sweating, nausea, general malaise, and flu – like symptoms.

This is actually a normal and even positive response that indicates that fungus, viruses, bacteria and other pathogenic stressors within the body are being eliminated. The biggest mistake that people make whilst detoxing is to cease the supplement or medication that is driving the reaction, subsequently stopping the treatment that is actively helping them to feel better. Although the whole experience is well documented, the Herxheimer Reaction must be passed through in order to prevail upon the side of health and vitality.

This reaction is an immune system response to endotoxins that are inevitably released when large volumes of pathogens are being eliminated. It happens because the body’s eliminative organs find it difficult to remove the toxins fast enough, thus causing symptoms of their own.

People as a rule fail to realize that as we travel along this journey called life, we inevitably pick up organisms that come along for the ride. Some of these are beneficial, others are neutral, and some are downright harmful to the human body. This accruing mass of pathogenic stressors begins from the time of birth, and in many cases before. It tends to happen so progressively and slowly that we often fail to notice – it’s usually only after the compounding effect of years upon years do we finally twig on to the fact that we are not as well as we once were – often with this realization being triggered by a pathology that is just to big to ignore.

Many times we put this down to aging, but more times than not it is driven by a lifetime of unchecked lifestyle choices and various pathogenic elements are to blame.

Since the chlorine dioxide molecule displays little mercy, substantial pathogenic die off and elimination takes place almost immediately after ingestion – and this happens even at low dosages. The nausea that is usually experienced at this time is often the body’s eliminative channels working overtime. All toxic material must pass via the liver to be eliminated, and if the liver is being overworked it will tell the body to ease up a little – this message is conveyed as a feeling of nausea. Even though nausea can be somewhat disheartening, we need to understand that this is a strong precursor to better health once the body has removed many years worth of toxins.

The intelligence Miracle Mineral Supplement is that if nothing untoward is encountered, then within a matter of hours it begins to break down into harmless by products. Since the metabolites of MMS within the body are totally benign, there is no toxic residue left.

Unlike conventional medications, MMS only has a few hours in order to do what it does, before it is entirely cleared from the body, thus leaving no chemical footprint or noticeable side affects whatsoever.

Jim Humble’s Miracle Mineral Supplement is a powerful medicine indeed!