Why Men Will not Go To The Doctor

Have you ever wondered why you can not convince your husband or boyfriend to go to the doctor even for a consultation? Have you ever tried tricking him to drive you to see a doctor only to watch him turn the car around and head for home? If you have gone through this rite of passage, then perhaps this article can help you understand some of the reasons why men are so reluctant to go to the doctor.

One of the most common reasons why men will not go to the doctor is the "I'm fine" mentality. In this state of mind, men think that they only have to go to the doctor when they feel extremely sick. If it's just a mild fever or infrequent coughing, they'll just say that they're fine and try to go on with their normal activities. The problem with this approach is that they'll often disregard the tell-tale signs of other health issues because it's not something that could really stop them from working or doing whatever they want. They'll end up getting something worse because they did not get immediate treatment and the symptoms worsened.

Another reason why men will not go to the doctor is that between playing golf or watching their favorite extreme reality series, they can not find enough time to make an appointment to the doctor. It's quite simple actually, between something you really like to do and something that you feel is just cumbersome and uncomfortable, you'll surely choose the one that you like to do. Men need to realize the importance of going to do doctor even if it means missing a football game on TV. This realization should also involve actually getting off the couch and doing it and not just promising that they will go.

There are many other reasons why men will not go to the doctor but it probably boils down to this: they are afraid. That is correct. The big strong men are scared of having to drop their pants or shots with big needles, etc. However, men need to bite the bullet so to speak and understand that going to the doctor is for their loved ones as much as it is for them.