Why Man’s Vomit Has Confused The World

The Spirit packs no punches when it comes to showing the way man is destroying this beautiful planet and how and why he denies the power that created it. He has created a great cloud of impenetrable darkness around it that was shown to me in a vision. Nothing can cut through it except the power to wipe it out. That power was given to me through the knowledge and many visions and commissions that are now part of the mountain of God for the last days.

When these visions were given they were accompanied by great power that demanded I either sit or lie down as they were so strong. As one was starting I was forced to lie on the bed before being lifted high above the earth. Below me was not the beautiful blue planet we see from outer space but one caked in thick black goo that nothing could penetrate.

Suddenly an extremely bright light shot out from me and it went through the goo and hastily surrounded the earth. It grew enormously and was so great that it broke the black into pieces and it went sailing off into space. Then the earth was once more as it appears in camera images.

Over the years that followed and the teaching that came directly from the Spirit the black goo has turned out to be the vomit from men who used religions and other things to hide the Great Creator. It is composed of all the noise that suggests that man is made in the image of God and that he has dominion over the earth and can do whatever he wills.

It is strengthened by religious lies and dogma about heaven and hell and the threats that drive terrorism. It has its roots in Babylon, the start of Islam. All who follow religions are worshipers of the sun as their god and the idols and icons they pray to are their folloy.

These are all the vomit that is coupled with celebrities, music, drugs, crime, environmental destruction, and now acceptance that there is no God. What a mess; and this is what my commissions are designed to clean up. The Internet is the means to accomplish it.