Why It's So Hard to Eliminate Nail Fungus

If you've been trying to eliminate nail fungus for any period of time, I suspect that you are beginning to form an entirely new definition for the word "frustration". I know, because I've been there. At one time, I had what I thought was the most severe toenail fungus infection that had ever afflicted a human. It was not, of course, but you could not tell me that at the time.

I talked to my doctor about taking an anti-fungal medication, but, when he started talking about all of the possible side effects that came along with it, I decided to try and find another treatment that could eliminate toenail fungus without those risks. And I did … try, that is .

You probably know that it's very easy to find information on non-medical ways to eliminate nail fungus, and I tried most of them. Over-the-counter remedies, vinegar, tea tree oil, Vick's, and many others, all to no avail. I came to find out later that the problem was not so much what I was using, but what I was not using, instead.

The heart of any nail fungus infection lives and thrives beneath your toenail or fingernail, in what's called the "nail bed". In more severe cases, it will also spread to the skin around your nail, but it's true home is under your nail, and that's where you have to attack it to be successful.

But, sometimes even that is not enough. Like all fungi, onychomycosis fungi (that 's it's real name!) Reproduces by producing spores, similar to the way plants produce seeds. And, like seeds, these spores can sometimes lay dormant for a long period of time before "taking root" and starting to grow. This means that, even if you kill all of the live fungus, if any viable spores remain, re-infection is only a matter of time.

And time was the one thing that I was not using enough. I kept thinking that it was the remedies that were useless when, in fact, I just was not treating the infection long enough! If you're going to try to eliminate nail fungus with one of the many home remedies that you read about (vinegar, etc.), you'll have to treat the infected nails for 6 months to a year to be effective.

One of the benefits of using a medical or over-the-counter treatment is the fact that they've been tested and the duration of treatments established. Home remedies lack this advantage, and the possibility of stopping your treatments too soon is very real. From my experience, I would suggest using your home remedy until you are absolutely sure that all of the infection is gone, and then treat for 3 more months.