Why I Bought a Men’s Patagonia R2 Jacket

I needed a new jacket. Been training for a triathlon, and was getting downright cold, so I needed something workable. By the time I found something, I’d spent a few hours lost down the online shopper’s rabbit hole, but unlike most other times this has happened to me, this time I emerged with something pretty great clenched in my metaphorical rabbit-y teeth: a Continental Blue men’s Patagonia R2 Jacket, shipped free. Woot! Here’s how it happened, if you care to hear.

It started with my neighbor Al who was out clearing out the old tomato plants, now covered in frost. I found myself shouting out the obvious thing-“Cold out here, isn’t it?”-and he responded as Al usually does, like an intelligent person would: “It’s November, Jim.”

Right. But then, Al beckoned me over to see his new red Patagonia. Outdoors was a little less threatening with it on, he claimed. So I figured that might be just what I needed too to keep me from excusing myself from winter training.

Went straight to the Patagonia website and searched “jacket,” and was quickly both impressed and overwhelmed by all the options and tech-speak. Now, I’m a basically smart guy, but this was the weekend and that much analysis didn’t suit me. I was more drawn to the very cool adventure stories and highly recommend a visit. Images are exceptional too. This is not to say that the Patagonia home site isn’t well organized. In fact, I did a quick search by activity and that’s where I found some enticing options. What I kept coming back to was the jacket Al had though. It worked for him, so I looked for a men’s R2 jacket, just like Al had. Found it quick. Then the frugal penny-pincher deal-lover in me took over. Actually, that’s not true. It wasn’t exactly right then. First I had a football game to catch. Then dinner with friends.

On Sunday after I managed to get all the way through the NY Times crossword and a half pot of coffee, I went back online and searched for a deal. Free shipping appealed to me too. Whoa. There were a lot of results, and I was immediately convinced that I needed a nap. But I had a moment of enlightenment and called my pal Claire instead, online shopper extraordinaire, who pointed me to one of her new faves in not just outdoor sportswear. This place sold just about every name and designer brand out there worth knowing about.

I got my free shipping and even ordered a new hat to go with my R2. Saved on the retail price and had a good resource handy thenceforth.